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Alvan Sabet Co. (ASC)Alvan Sabet Co. (ASC) is established in 1996 and started to produce in 1997. Alvan Sabet Co. is situated in Hamedan, the first capital of persian emperor, is by far the largest manufactur of dyestuff and textile auxiliaries, in the Meadle East serving the textile and leather industries in Iran.

Alvan Sabet Co. has 240,000 m2 production and storage facilities, fully equipped to produce 3500 MT/year including 60 different shades of acid, metal complex, direct, reactive dyes, blend dyes for blend fabric and 500 ~ 1000 MT/year (by full working schedule) textile pigment printing paste and textile auxiliaries. We have numerous customers, including a lot of large executive textile companies.

Quality Control and R&D are fundamental activities at Alvan Sabet Co. and the stuffs are highly trained and skillful engineers enabling the company to achive ISO 9001:2000 Germany in 2004. Although a young company Alvan Sabet Co. has been well established in IRAN's market, trying to keep place with new developments in the global market too.

We have developed our product range by textile pigment printing paste and new generation of textile auxiliaries since 2001.

Alvan Sabet Co. has a few sub plants including:

Production LinesProduction Lines

This building is capable of 15 independent areas. Each area is equipped with some dissolution vessels, a few reaction tanks and filter presses, so that we can make 15 different dyes simultaneously. Production plant is placed in 3 stages, so that dissolved material is transferred to next step by gravity.

Drying SectionDrying Section

Alvan Sabet Co. is equipped with tray drying system with humidity and temperature indication control, including 50 drying cabin. Each dryer has 80 trays with 10 L capacity.

Mixing Crushing PlantMixing Crushing Plant

This building is capable of 14 independed mixing, crushing and packing line enabling us to prepare 14 different dyes at the same time.


There are 3 different type of stores for storage of raw material, depends on chemical charactristic of material to be well as a large product storage and a general warehouse.

R&D DepartmentR&D Department

This plant is the heart of our factory. R&D team's facility is a pilot plant building with 25 reaction tanks and jacketed reactors with about 10 filter presses. It's scale is about 1/100 production plant with same facilities, meanwhile this plant has two updated labs for making new dyes, trouble shooting of old process and a lab for textile dying, as well as an instrumentation lab equipped with HPLC, and UV-Visible spectrophotometer etc.

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