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    • Ariacid Dyes are acid dyes that have been specially developed for dyeing and printing polymade fibers.

      That Ariacid dyes can be applied on both polymade 6 and 6.6 fibers with an appropriate selection of products for all application sectors and processing stages.

      These dyes are classified based on groups "A", "B" and "C" which are recommended to the dyers by functional information. More...

    • Ariaprint pigment emulsions can be best printed in combination with binder or cutton, viscose, polyester, nylon, fabric and their blends to obtain high degree of fastness properties on synthetic fabrics and blends. The addition of fixing of agent is recommended.

      Ariaprint pigment emulsions and binders are based on oil in water emulsion system. The main ingredients of pigment printing paste consists of:

      Ariaprint pigment emulsion, Binder, Synthetic thickener, Fixing Agent. More...

    • Arianon dyes are brilliant in shades, full range of colors and of good dying fastness properties on fibers. Most of them have excellent light fastness, so Vat dyes are one of the most important synthetic dyes.

      As the leuco compounds of Arianon dyes posses high affinity for both natural aand regenerated cellulosic fibers, they are extensively applied for cotton, linen and viscose. More...

    • These dyes are based on vinyl sulphone group. Because of this VS group these dyes are readily soluble in warm water.

      These dyes find their application both in dyeing and printing methods but are most popular by pad-silicate process being simple, economical and most reproducible as compared to other dyestuffs.

      Ariazol dyes are suitable for exhaust dyeing at 40°C~60°C except Aa few like Ariazol Tur.Blue G %133 that dyeing at 60°C~80°C. More...

    • Ariamin dyestuffs are direct dyes which are used for the dyeing of cellulosic fibers. This group is recomended for exhaustion semi continuous & continuous and printing process.

      Ariamin direct dyes types is uncluded the "E" group which is recommended for HT system too. More...

    • Ariaperse Dyes not only can mainly be used for dyeing and printing polyester, but also acetate, triacetate nylon and acrylic. The color card contains information on various properties of application.

      Ariaperse dyes are eminently used for making self shades as well as compound ones. They provide high tinctorial power good leveling effect and favourable reproducibility for dyeing and printing.

      Ariaperse dyes can be classified into Subzero, Medium tempreture and High tempreture types. More...

    • Ariacryl dyestuffs are modified cationic dyestuffs which are used for the exhaust and for the continuous dyeing of polyacryl fibers. Some dyes are particulary suitable for dyeing modacrylic, modified polyamide, modified polyester and polyvinylchloride fibers. The card illustrates the use of Ariacryl dyes in exhaustion method on acrylic fibers.

      Acrylic fibers are produced by either a wet spinning or a dry spinning process. Different types of acrylic fiber have different fiber saturatuin values (SF) and dyeing rates (V). More...

    • Acidol Dyes are dyes that have been specially developed for dyeing and printing leather. More...

    • Ariapaper Dyes are dyes that have been specially developed for dyeing and printing paper. More...

    • ARIANYL dyes are specialty dyes specifically selected for use in detergent applications. The dyes have properties as indicated below which are required in many specialty products. In addition to these colorants, we are able to supply special dye based on your requested properties.

      Organic Dyestuffs representatives will help you with formulations for specific shade and application chemistry. More...

    • Optical Brightener is a compumd that absorbs the invisible ultraviolet component of sunlight in the 300-400 nm range remits it as visible light at the blue end of the spectrum due to fluorescent mechanism. During the mechanism the brightener molecules are excited to higher energy levels and come back to their ground state by emission of radiation which is fluorescence.

      Normally whiteness in substrate can be improved by increasing reflections and compensating the blue defect. More...

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Alvan Sabet Co. FactoryAlvan Sabet Co. (ASC) is established in 1996 and started to produce in 1997. Alvan Sabet Co. is located in Hamedan, the first capital of persian emperor, is by far the largest manufacturer of dyestuff and textile auxiliaries, in the Middle East serving the textile and leather industries in Iran.

Alvan Sabet Co. has 240,000 m2 production and storage facilities, fully equipped to produce 3500 MT/year including 60 different shades of acid, metal complex, direct, reactive dyes, blend dyes for blend fabric and... Read More

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